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Recommended Products

Complete your shave with 2 minutes


  • Edwin Jagger Hydrating Pre-shave Lotion

  • Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shave Cream

  • Edwin Jagger Black Porcelain Shaving Bowl

  • Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush

  • Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Chrome-plated DE Razor

  • Js Sloane 1947 After-Shave Splash

Apply Pre-Shave Lotion

0:00 mins ​


Run a basin of hot water to prepare or shave near a hot water supply

0:10 mins 

使用Edwin Jagger Pre-shave lotion, 在臉部按摩直至搽勻為止. Pre-shave lotion可以用作鬚根軟化和為面部提供保護。

Moisten face with warm water. Using your fingers and circular movements gently apply the Edwin Jagger pre-shave to the beard area creating a protective layer and to soften the beard.

Take out Shave Cream

0:25 mins

取出小量Edwin Jagger Shave cream, 份量如圖示. 如果鬍鬚比較多,可依情況增加份量

Take out a small amount of shave cream from Edwin Jagger Shave Cream Bowl (as photo illustrated) 

To Prepare Badger Brush

0:30 mins

​把Edwin Jagger Badger Brush放到熱水裡, 輕輕上下搖晃把多餘的水份搖走. 已預備好的Badger應該是吸滿水份但在平放時沒有多餘的水份滴出來

Immerse your Edwin Jagger badger hair shaving brush in the hot water.

Shake off excess water. Ensure the badger is soaked with water and no dipping of water is occurred before lathering.

To Lather

0:35 mins

用吸滿水的Badger Brush在Edwin Jagger Shaving Bowl上打圈大約30-60秒直至Shave cream完全起泡 (如圖示)
如覺得水份不足夠, 可以在Badger brush頂部加小量熱水再在Shaving Bowl上打圈

Whip up a rich, creamy lather in a shaving bowl with a circular motion. If more water is desired, please add a few drops of water on the tip of the badger brush.

1:00 min 

用沾滿已起泡的Shave Cream的Badger Brush在臉上打圈直至搽勻鬚根位置。

Using a circular motion lather your face building up a rich layer of soft warm cleansing foam.

1:05 mins 

把剃刀放進熱水或用熱水把剃刀輕輕沖一下. 可從臉兩邊開始剃至中間和嘴唇下方.重複直至乾淨為止。

Dip your razor in the hot water and, starting by the sideburns, shave with the growth of your beard. Down on the cheek area, sideways near the top and bottom lip and in the direction of the growth under the chin.

Apply Aftershave

1:35 mins 

用冷水清潔臉部多餘的Shave Cream。

Rinse your face with cooler clean water and gently pat dry with a soft towel.

1:50 mins 

取出小量Aftershave, 輕輕拍在剃刀剃過的位置有助消毒和收緊毛孔。

Apply a small amount of aftershave to your face massaging gently into the newly shaven and exfoliated skin. 

2:00 mins


Finished. You look, feel and smell great. Have an excellent day!